In-company English speaking clubs

Let your workers speak English without restrictions. Put an English speaking club in your office today. 

The Benefits of an In-company Speaking Club 


Speaking clubs are fun. They should be an event that your employees look forward to. It gives them a chance to switch off from work-mode and into fun-mode refreshing them for a more productive day after the session

Team Building

Your employees probably don't really know too much about each other. At speaking clubs they really get to know who they work with as they talk about their likes, dislikes, and give their opinions on different topics. This brings your workers closer together creating a much stronger team 


Each speaking club is a different topic, so this allows your employees to use their language in a free way and to release them from work-related topics they might be restricted to. This way they feel like they really are using their language skills in more than just one area

Native Speaker

Speaking clubs are run by a British native speaker from England who knows what sounds natural and what doesn't. This way you can be sure what you are saying and what you're hearing is as natural as possible 

The importance of feeling comfortable speaking and using English is essential for a good personal and work life. Read more....

My company is interested tell me more... 

  • How long is a speaking club? 
    Each English speaking club is 60 minutes long and each club will be a different topic. That said, some topics like 'Crime' and 'Work' might spread over two sessions. 
  • Can we have our speaking club online?
    Sure, no problem. Since this horrible COVID-19 the educational world has moved online, so using Zoom isn't a problem. I was using Zoom for lessons before the virus, so I'm accustomed to teaching online. 
  • Can you invoice our company for the speaking club?
    Yes, my business can invoice you and give you an act at the end of the month for the work done. Speaking clubs will be charged in USD, but you will be invoiced in the local currency. 
  • Will there be grammar?
    Speaking clubs are built around topics and the main objective of each meeting is to give your staff every opportunity to speak. Certain topics and questions will require your workers to use different grammatical structures and if needed, they will be briefly explained. Common mistakes students make will also be highlighted to help get rid of any bad habits. But, overall the main purpose of a speaking club is give everyone the opportunity to speak English.     
  • Can we meet in person to talk about this?
    Of course, I am happy to come to your office and talk about English speaking clubs in detail with you in person before you make a decision. 
  • Can we get a free demo?
    I don't give free demos, but I can provide you with companies I work and have worked with who you can contact for a reference for my work.
  • What is the minimum level?
    Speaking clubs ideally are done at different levels, so higher-level students should be in the same group and so on. A minimum level for a group is pre-intermediate. 

  • How many people should there be in a speaking club?
    A maximum of 8 people should be in a speaking club that is done in the office and a 6 for online speaking clubs. Smaller numbers allow for a better opportunity for everyone to speak. 
English Speaking Club


Once a week

  • One group
  • Max 8 People
  • Online or offline
  • Invoice & act for payment

English Speaking Club


Once or twice a week

  • Two groups
  • Max 8 people
  • Online or offline
  • Invoice & act for payment

English Speaking Club


Once, twice, or three times a week

  • Three groups
  • Max 8 People
  • Online or offline
  • Invoice & act for payment

Which is best for my company?


This option is great if most of your workers are out of the office. Meeting on Zoom makes life more convenient because you can connect to the speaking club from anywhere. It also means that employees based in other cities or countries can also attend.


Personally I think you can't recreate the 'magic' from an in-person speaking club. Seeing the people and their reactions in the same room is never going to be replaced. In-company lessons also give your staff the chance to leave their desk and chair for an hour and remove themselves from work too. This can really help with re-energising 

Luke Farkins - CELTA Qualified Language Teacher

I'm Luke and I'm from England. I've been teaching for over 10 years, mainly in Eastern Europe but also in England. Over that time I've had more than 25 different nationalities in my classroom, but my favourite students are... Russians and Ukrainians. I specialise in working with Russian and Ukrainian speaking students and have become an expert in the mistakes and problems they often face when using English.  


Feel free to get in contact by email, social media or messenger

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